Why Should You Think About Installing a Sprinkler System Before Landscaping?

Are you getting set to turn your ideas of a beautiful landscape into a reality? You want your landscape to flourish in any way possible, whether with brand-new sod, lovely perennial gardening beds, or a few stylish feature trees. To accomplish this, you must ensure that it receives the appropriate water. The most effective technique to provide what your landscape requires is installing an automatic sprinkler system into the ground.

Why Should You Think About Installing a Sprinkler System Before Landscaping

When installing your sprinklers, is it better to do it before or after the landscaping has been completed? Continue reading to find out why putting your sprinkler system first is the smartest choice you can make for your property.

Prevent Landscape Damage

When you spend a lot of money on new landscaping, you want it to thrive for as long as possible so that your investment pays off. If you want your landscaping investment to pay off, you should install a sprinkler system. The current landscaping may be damaged during the installation of an irrigation system, especially the tender new sod. Trenching tools or other heavy equipment may damage your landscape, which may take some time to repair.

You may save yourself the heartache of seeing your beautiful new yard turned into a temporary construction zone and protect your investment by having the sprinkler system installed simultaneously with the landscaping.

For planting, understand your irrigation coverage.

When you and the local landscape professionals are planning your backyard oasis, it is vital that you know which plants to cultivate for sun exposure and water coverage. Depending on where your sprinkler heads are placed, some areas of your yard may get more water than others.

You can better plan your landscape and avoid neglecting any water-loving plants if you know which areas get how much water. If you want to be sure that you’ll have protection exactly where you need it, you may even have expert landscapers design your sprinkler system.

Make a plan for the drainage.

Few of us have perfectly flat backyards. Although there may be various elevation changes across a given area, all ground has a discernible general grade. Water always flows downhill, so it’s important to plan where the irrigation water will go after it’s used.

By installing the sprinkler system first, landscapers can plan for French drain installation or even narrow retaining walls to keep water from washing away your hard landscaping and causing damage to your prized roses, water feature, or low-lying portions of your yard.

Consult your local planner or landscape architect

You should consult a professional landscape designer before starting any major landscape project. This will ensure that the task is completed properly. Suppose you and a professional landscape designer create a plan for your backyard sanctuary. In that case, the local sprinkler system installer will have a better chance of creating a system that meets your specific needs.

Poor coverage and drainage issues will likely result from installing a sprinkler system after the landscaping has been finished. Further, trenching tools and equipment will leave a mess in your yard.