The 10 Most Popular Rare Syngonium Varieties

Rare Syngonium is a variety of Syngonium that is difficult to locate, either because it occurs in small numbers in nature or because it is challenging to grow. Syngonium is a popular houseplant with arrow-shaped, multicolored leaves; rare Syngonium varieties are often pink, white, or mixed.

Syngoniums can be grown inside or outdoors. Colorful containers and inventive hangers add to their appeal.

The Syngonium is a low-maintenance plant that can withstand harsher circumstances than other houseplants. They will thrive with moderate watering, good lighting, a good soil mix, well-drilled pots, and mild weather.

Let’s have a look at most of the interestingly shaped and colored rare varieties of Syngonium.

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10 Very Rare Syngonium Varieties

Syngonium is derived from Syngonium podophyllum and Syngonium wendlandii. Variegated Syngonium foliage is usually green and light (such as white or cream). Many Syngonium cultivars exhibit pink, dark crimson, or reddish leaves or dots on green backgrounds. When young, it’s thick and brightly colored like a leaf, then darkens and splits into three parts.

Syngonium’s numerous beautiful varieties make it a favorite among gardeners and collectors. Every year, new Syngonium colors are introduced. These plants are initially expensive. However, demand for them is constantly great.

Even rare specimens need basic treatments for upkeep. Proper plant illumination is crucial. Variegated or multicolored leaves are subject to light deprivation and overexposure and can lose their vibrancy.

1. Syngonium Strawberry Ice

Syngonium Strawberry Ice rare varieties

The lovely form and stunning strawberry red hue merge nicely with the dark splat on the sides, making this variety of syngonium still rare to discover.

2. Syngonium Inferno

Syngonium Inferno red color varieties

It is extremely rare to find the Syngonium Inferno variety, and even fewer people own it; as a result, the price is quite high. The stunning color of Syngonium Inferno is reminiscent of a blazing red flame with golden edging.

3. Syngonium Godzilla

Syngonium Godzilla rare varieties

The crinkled, not quite unfolded, arrow-shaped green leaves of the Syngonium Godzilla have a white variegated core.

Syngonium plants are known for their upright clusters of stems, but as they grow, they can generate trailing or climbing stems as well as bigger leaves.

4. Syngonium Pink Mosaic TC

Syngonium Pink Mosaic TC Beatiful rare arrowhead plant

Syngonium Pink Mosaic TC is an incredible arrowhead plant that has a greenish pink mosaic, as the name of the cultivar implies. This species is extremely rare to come across despite the fact that it may be easily reproduced.

5. Syngonium Pink Lava/Pink Beauty

Syngonium Pink Lava or Pink Beauty rare arrowhead plant and hard to discover

The Syngonium pink lava has an attractive leaf-like form with a pink tint that is wavy and twisting, with a spot of green in the centre. This rare arrowhead plant variety does not tolerate being exposed to strong sunlight for long periods of time.

6. Syngonium Redspot Tricolor

Syngonium Redspot Tricolor

Even though it is not inexpensive, decorative plant collectors adore the Syngonium Redspot Tricolor because it features a combination of three colors: pink, white, and green. Despite its high price, this plant is much sought for.

This rare Syngonium has a very sluggish growth rate and requires special care in order to maintain its gorgeous color. Light location and care also play a significant role in this.

7. Syngonium pink salmon / Syngonium Strawberry Milk

Syngonium pink salmon or Syngonium strawberry milk rare varieties

Syngonium pink salmon or Syngonium strawberry milk are both common names for a rare variety of the same species of Syngonium viarietas that have a blend of pink and white coloring. The color of this variety is extremely appealing, and it is simple to cultivate; the only need is that the location of the lighting not be too shady, so that the color of the leaves does not change to green.

8. Syngonium Milk Confetti

Very Rare Syngonium Milk Confetti

The rare syngonium known as Syngonium Milk Confetti has leaves that resemble marble and have a coloration that combines milky green and pink spots. This rare and hard-to-find aroid should be in the collection of every serious collector.

9. Syngonium Scrambled Egg

Rare Syngonium Scrambled Egg varieties

Syngonium Scrambled Egg With gorgeous white striations in the middle, the leaves of this plant can occasionally be blended with yellow to give the appearance of a scrambled egg.

10. Syngonium Magic Marble

Syngonium Magic Marble very rare

This rare kind of Syngonium, known as ‘Magic Marble,’ is an attractive aroid with an arrowhead form and hues of white and green. It can grow in conditions with low light. The Syngonium ‘Magic Marble’ will be an eye-catching aroid for both your office and your home.


Among these variants, we’re optimistic certain species will capture your attention, but if there are numerous, don’t worry, you may grow more than one variety at a time, although it may be more tiresome to care for them, especially during the propagation stage. As a result of the syngonium’s rarity and rare price, it must be treated with the utmost care to ensure that it remains healthy and attractive.

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