How Do You Take Care of a Twisted Sister?

Sansevieria trifasciata, “Twisted Sister,” is a small, well-liked indoor plant. The Snake Plant Dwarf Sansevieria reaches a height of around 15 inches. As it grows from the base, the bright gold and green variegated foliage twists and turns, creating an almost bird’s nest impression.

How do you take care of a Twisted Sister

How to Care of a Twisted Sister?

Sansevieria Twisted Sister (scientific name: Dracaena trifasciata ‘Twisted Sister’) In addition to the fact that it is simple to care for, he prefers brightness, so the yellow color on the edges of the leaves is vibrant, and he requires a little water just like other snake plant care.


During the growing season, water your Sansevieria Twisted Sister regularly and keep the soil uniformly moist but not soggy. You can let the topsoil get a little dry in between waterings. Reduce irrigation during the cold months.


Sansevieria Twisted Sister thrives in plenty of direct sunshine and should be provided with bright light that has been filtered. The position in front of a window that faces north or in front of a window that faces south but is shaded by a transparent curtain are both excellent choices for placements.

Sansevieria Twisted Sister can survive in dim light, but it needs strong illumination to bring out the vibrant colors in its leaves.

Sansevieria Trifasciata Twisted Sister Light care


Sansevieria Twisted Sister grows best in well-drained. A healthy soil will have a high concentration of organic matter, such as coco coir, in addition to drainage-enhancing ingredients like perlite or vermiculite. If you add a scoop of perlite to standard potting soil that you buy from the store, you should be good to go!


Throughout the summer, you should give the Sansevieria Twisted Sister food once every three weeks. Fertilize your Twisted Sister with a general-purpose fertilizer that has been diluted to one-half the strength recommended on the fertilizer’s bottle.


The Dracaena trifasciata ‘Twisted Sister’ grows best in dry conditions. By misting your plant or giving it additional moisture, you will allow water to remain on the leaves, which can encourage the growth of pathogenic fungi that can be harmful to your plant and this is harmful.

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How do you propagate Sansevieria Twister Sister?

The Snake Plant Dwarf Sansevieria Twisted Sister is an easily propagated by simply splitting clusters of leaves that have become too crowded. When the leaf clusters have reached a length of six inches, use a blade or knife with a sharp edge to cut them away from the root stock.

The majority of the clusters should already have several roots attached to them, allowing them to be planted directly into the standard potting mix. Leaf cuttings are another method of propagation for this plant.

Is coffee good for snake Sansevieria Twister Sister?

Putting coffee grounds to your Sansevieria Twister may improve the soil’s nitrogen, which could make it happier and healthier. Coffee grounds create an acidic pH that snake plants love.

How do you propagate Sansevieria Twister Sister

Benefits of Growing Sansevieria Twister Sister

Snake plants Twister Sister can absorb cancer-causing chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, CO2, and toluene, albeit in little amounts. Snake plants may absorb and eliminate harmful chemicals, making them a good defense against allergens in the air.

The Sansevieria is an interesting plant

The Sansevieria is an interesting plant because it’s one of the only ones that can grow in low light conditions. Most other plants need direct sunlight to thrive, but this one can survive just fine indoors. However, it doesn’t do well in cold temperatures, so don’t plant this plant outdoors unless you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun. Also, it has very thick leaves that can be a bit difficult to care for. It’s a good thing that this plant isn’t poisonous, though.

When you plant a Sansevieria twisted sister plant, you need to make sure that the soil is very damp. You need to put the plant in a place where there is direct sunlight. Make sure that the soil around the plant is moist, otherwise it will dry out. After you give it some water, you should put a cloth over it and let it stay overnight. Then the next morning, you should change the cloth and the soil around the plant. Keep giving it water until it roots. Then you can transfer the plant to a bigger pot.


Sansevieria Trifasciata Twisted Sister is an easy-to-grow snake plant that thrives in bright light. Care of a Twisted Sister is easy and may be kept indoors or outdoors, but remember that if she doesn’t get enough direct sunlight, the leaves will become greenish and the yellow hue will disappear. This plant requires a significant amount of light to keep its color vibrant and bright.

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