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Rattlesnake plants (Calathea lancifolia) are challenging houseplants to care for, but if you give them the attention they require, you will be rewarded with a stunning display of foliage. This calathea species is native to the Brazilian rainforests, and its common name comes from the unusual ornamental decorations on its leaves. The huge leaves feature

How to Make a Bushy Calathea Ornata?

Calathea Ornata

Do you have thin, twisted leaves, a lack of new leaves, or yellowing foliage on your Calathea Ornata? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about how to make a Bushy Calathea Ornata and thrive today. Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe) Calathea Ornata, also known as Calathea Pinstripe, is a lovely plant with pink stripes on its enormous green leaves.