How To Grow Chervil Indoor | Growing Chervil in Container

Chervil (Anthriscus cerefolium) is an yearly plant in the family, the Umbelliferae. It has feathery, parsley-like leaves along with the white flowers grow in the shape of a parasol.

Chervil will grow in almost any garden soil from either shade or sun and will also thrive in tubs. Be sure that you grow plenty–not only could Chervil be used as a salad herb, but it can also replace Parsley or Curly Kale as a garnish.

Growing Chervil in Container

Can you grow herbs indoors over the winter and so always have fresh herbs to enhance your menu. Yes, but… and it is a big however.

And that’s in spite of the fact that lifestyle publications and tv shows keep on pushing the idea that growing herbs indoors is as easy as pie. I will pretty much guarantee that none of those journalists that encourage the technique have ever tried it. They just replicate, like parrots, misinformation gleaned from other people just as misinformed. So let’s dot a few I here.

Growing Chervil Indoors

Seeds of indoor chervil plants should be planted in their permanent container or began in fresh seed beginning pots that can go directly into rich, organic soil. The tap-rooted plant does not transplant well.

Plant the small seeds shallowly. Keep the soil moist, but not soggy, to avert the seeds rotting or damping off following germination.

Chervil Plants Care

Caring for indoor chervil plants must include frequent clipping of the new growth at the cover of the plant. Clippings of this plant are used fresh. Regular trimming of high leaves makes the plant bushier and more appealing and slows the tendency of growing chervil indoors to bolt.

Growing Chervil in Container indoors

If bolting happens frequently when growing chervil indoors, start new plantings every couple of weeks to maintain a continuous source. When plants appear to be likely to seed quickly, reduce the sunlight and move the container to a cooler place. Use fresh seed to get the ideal germination rate when growing indoor chervil plants.

Locate indoor chervil plants in the container so they can be shaded from another herbs.


Chervil is most frequently propagated by seed. Chervil seed should be planted outdoors about 2 weeks before the last frost. The seeds require light to germinate and must hence be planted into uncovered 1/2-1 inch deep furrows outdoors.

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