How to Grow Blueberry in Container

Growing blueberries in containers is really simple and effective that you may want to test it even in the event that you have sufficient in-ground garden space with this particular antioxidant-rich fruit. The plants can flourish and bear fruit containers at almost any area that receives full sunlight. Just be mindful that developing blueberry plants in pots (or anyplace else) requires a while.

blueberries in container

Choosing a Container

The container size also depends upon the wide variety of nourishment you’re growing. Large pots, involving 16-22 inches deep, are likely to be ideal for growing blueberries. Just ensure they have enough drainage holes.

Growing Blueberries in Pot/Container


Purchasing a wholesome plant in the nursery is a much better choice since it’s likely to fruit quicker!

Planting Time

The ideal time to plant them will be in Spring and Fall. Spring is a much better option as blueberries will get time to repay in the summer and get stronger until winter arrives, thus minimizing the chance of freezing.

Requirements For Growing Blueberry


Put the container in a place where it receives at least 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. But, save them out of exposing a lot of in the harsh sunlight, as the plants could overheat.


The beauty of developing them at the pot is it’s possible to create the very best soil mix for the plants! It is also possible to go together with the soil mix intended for Azalia clerodendrum. Mix them well and you’re going to have an ideal growing medium!


You will want to water the plant frequently to be sure the soil is constantly moist. It is also possible to top-dress with walnut bark that will help the soil retain moisture.

Blueberry Care

blueberries in pot containers


A slow-releaseacid fertilizer will work just fine. Begin with implementing it 4 weeks once you’ve planted the blueberry. Later, top apparel utilizing a growing medium in the upcoming spring. You might even go to get a saltwater liquid fertilizer such as 10-10-10, after every 1-2 weeks.


Cutting and forming blueberry is essential. From time to time, bushes make feeble growth, and this also creates very little flower buds and lower fruits.

Do recall a well-run bush must have 6-8 major shoots. In the 4th year, you should begin trimming the earliest, unproductive stems. The ideal time to prune is mid-spring when fresh buds appear.


Employing a wood bark works nicely. You might even go for compost since it goes well with a slow-release fertilizer if you’re planning to make use of it.


Even though the tree isn’t sensitive to freeze, the flowers can be ruined.

Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases seldom attack blueberries. Just look out for birds once the berries begin to ripen.

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