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Growing Hyssop Herb In Containers


Hyssop herb (Hyssopus officinalis) native to southern Europe. It’s only at home in the garden since it’s from the herb garden. Hyssop is a part of the mint family. It may be used similar to mint however, its minty taste is more powerful than many mints therefore It Ought to Be used sparingly

Hyssop Herb In Containers pot

Growing Hyssop Herb In Containers

Growing hyssop in containers is possible. Hyssop is also like lots of other herbs, quite tolerant of many different environments. The herb may grow as many as two ft (60 cm) Hyssop’s blooms attract beneficial insects and butterflies into the garden too.


Don’t overwater hyssop. Hyssop can withstand drought. It’ll flourish with light, even mowing.


Feed hyssop compost tea or dilute fish emulsion a few times throughout the growing season.


Remove faded hyssop flowers to prolong bloom period and promote bushy growth. Renew plants by cutting them back by half or even more in early spring or late autumn; this is going to encourage more flowering the next year. Plants eliminate energy following 5 years and needs to be substituted with plants started from cuttings or division.


Small plants may be brought indoors for winter. Established outdoor plants don’t require protection. Cut hyssop almost into the floor and set a couple of inches of compost over the plant from cold winter areas.

Growing Hyssop Herb In Containers

Propagating Hyssop

Seed: Hyssop isn’t difficult to grow from seed; it easily self-sows.

Division: Split plant in spring or gall. Plant 4 to 6 inches long origin divisions at precisely the exact same depth they were growing.

Hyssop Problem

Scale and nematodes can sometimes irritate hyssop. Scale could be picked off and smashed. Add lots of compost to planting beds so the soil is well-drained.

Harvest Hyssop

Harvest hyssop leaves needed prior to the plant flowers. Choose flowers once the blooms are three-quarters open. Collect flowers in the morning once the dew has dried.
Snip off parts of the stem when harvesting a small number of leaves for instant usage then strip the leaves from the stem.


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