Growing Green Onions in Pot (Container)

Hi there, a good cool weather to grow is your green onion or scallion. This plant works well in moderate to cool weather also generates a yummy white bulb which grows in the floor, and it is also possible to eat the green stalks also. Among the first things that you would like to do is acquire seeds from the regional nursery or home and garden centre.

Green onion is just one of the most versatile vegetables. From garnishing your meals to making it part of your salad there are an infinite number of ways to eat it. Without a doubt! And the best part, you can develop this at a container

Growing Green Onions in Pot container

When to Plant Green Onions

As you are growing green onions in containers, there’s absolutely not any limitation of planting time. In a cold climate, develop these salad onions from spring into fall (fall ) and also some care, in winters too. If you reside in a warm tropical climate with little to no freeze, then develop green onions round.


Set the containers in full sun or part sun, where they stay warm. In case growing green onions indoors, keep them close to the glowing window that receives at least 4 hours of direct sunlight.


Any well-drained potting soil that’s light and loamy is perfect. Furthermore, mix one-third portion of compost or well-rotted manure for it to help it become nutrient rich.


Keep the soil well-watered and evenly moist. Water often but avoid overwatering and sogginess.


No feeding required if you added the mulch or compost from the soil. But in case your leafy greens aren’t doing well, look at applying half-strength balanced liquid fertilizer.

Green Onions in Pot


To plant your onions, then fill out the pot half full with moist soil. Then organize the onion plants bulbs 2 inches apart with all the origin side . Gently but firmly pack more soil around them till the trimmed top of this green onion is only peeking out or the bulbs are fully covered.

The green berry will start to grow more roots in a couple of days and also the green leaves/stems will start growing within 4-5 days. Green onions can be grown indoors or out with equal success so long as sufficient light and water. I water from our rain barrels in a speed of approximately 1″ a week if it doesn’t rain.

If your pots are out like ours are you will find you need to water more often in warmer temperatures.

Harvesting Green Onions

Within 3-4 weeks you’ll begin to harvest your homegrown green onions. Select those that are at least 6-8 inches tall. Follow the cut and return method – Reduce off the green shirts leaving at least an inch of green shoot above the soil. They come back again and again.

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