Easy Tips Growing Monstera Plants with Leca

Growing monster in leca balls

The Monstera is one of the most beginner-friendly plants. It’s a lovely plant with big leaves that can withstand a lot of neglect. It’s the ideal plant for folks who forget to water their plants but yet want a tropical-looking plant in their home. The Monstera does not require a lot of water, and overwatering might kill the plant. So, how can you make sure you’re not overwatering your plant? Leca Balls!

Any method of growing plants without soil is referred to as hydroponics. (It’s a possibility!) It frequently entails merely growing plants in water! Semi-hydroponics is a similar term for growing plants in an inorganic growing media.

Growing monstera plants in Leca balls is one of the most common and successful semi-hydroponic growing methods. You could fall in love with Leca if you’re looking for a new experience with your monstera plant and struggle with overwatering.

Monstera Deliciosa grow with leca ball

How to Grow Monstera Plants in Leca Plants Ball

Get your Leca plant ready. Remove dust from fresh Leca balls by rinsing them in clean lukewarm water. Then immerse the balls for 6–24 hours, or until none of them float. During this step, you may need to use a hefty item to keep them down.

Move your monstera to a new location. Remove your monstera from its pot and gently massage the soil away from the plant’s roots. If the soil is resistant, run the root ball under lukewarm water. Then, in your plant’s new, clean container, put a 1-inch layer of Leca balls (choose a waterproof plastic or glazed ceramic pot for this). Fill the remaining space in the container with pebbles, then add another inch of Leca balls, leaving about 0.6 inches of room on top for water.

Tips How to grow monstera with leca

When the Leca dries out, water it and fertilize it. Water and fertilize your plant after the Leca balls have dried out. Because Leca is sterile, it’s critical to add fertilizer to the water to supply nutrients to your monstera. This is when Monstera Plant Food comes in handy!

Note: If you can’t get all of the soil off your monstera’s roots the first 2 or 3 times you want, remove it from the pot and rinse the roots and Leca to remove any leftover fungus or germs. Don’t worry, once the roots are entirely clean, you won’t have to do anything else.

Monstera roots in leca plant balls

Benefits Growing Monstera Plants Using Leca

1. Pests will be a thing of the past. Insects prefer the dark, moist conditions that soil provides, but they won’t stay long in Leca.

2. There will be no more overwatering (or root rot!) Because leca balls dry up quicker than soil, they’re a wonderful choice if you’re prone to drowning your monstera! Because leca balls are sterile, they are free of fungus and bacteria that can cause illnesses like root rot.

3. Root aeration is excellent. Because leca balls are extremely porous, you’ll never have to aerate your monstera’s roots or deal with compacted soil.

4. Leca balls may be used again and again. You may reuse your Leca with other plants over and over again! Simply clean and disinfect the Leca with isopropyl alcohol or peroxide before reusing them.

Water your plant just when the Leca can no longer absorb the water in the waterproof pot. By switching your Monstera to Leca, you’ll have considerably reduced the risk of pests on it. If you choose, you can now pluck out your plants to check on their roots without the soil getting in the way.

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