Easy Tips For Growing Tarragon Indoors

Growing tarragon indoors allows you easy access to the herb and gives the plant protection from cold temperatures. Tarragon is half hardy and does not work well when subjected to winter chill. There are a couple tips to understanding how to grow tarragon indoors.

Easy Tips For Growing Tarragon Indoors


Unlike many herbs, tarragon plants prefer light and more colour. Decide on a window which receives mainly indirect light, as tarragon doesn’t fare well with exposure to direct sunlight. Aim to provide tarragon about six to eight hours of light daily. It’s also better to grow this herb in temperatures which are close 70 degrees, since it isn’t a hardy plant and doesn’t grow well when subjected to winter chill.

Just like with other herbs, tarragon requires a steady source of water but can’t flourish in a waterlogged environment. It’s necessary that you plant tarragon in a pot which has many drainage holes, ideally about 12 to 16 inches deep. Inside herbs must be kept reasonably dry. Allow for periods of drying between a comprehensive watering. Tarragon works well in humid climates, so it’s encouraged that you simply mist the plant every day or two.


French tarragon — that is the number used for cooking — can’t be grown from seeds. You would have to get an established plant from a nursery or select some from the buddy garden. Transplanting the herb into its pot should occur during spring or fall to safeguard the plant. This herb is an aggressive grower and its own root system demands a whole lot of space. A fully-grown tarragon plant could pay for 12 inches of soil and then reach 24 inches in height.


The period of this year and the place where planted will play a role in the achievement of growing this plant. The tarragon cuttings have to be planted around the final frost in the spring. Afterward, the cuttings from this plant could be planted at a later moment. They may also be grown indoors in hanging baskets: simply hang them in which they will find the appropriate amounts of sunlight.


You’ll have to keep the soil moist around before the plants are created and beginning to grow. Afterward, they will just have to be watered sometimes. You don’t need to over water those plants.

Easy Tips For Growing Tarragon Indoors in pot


Regularly prune the plant to avoid flowering and maintain the elevation with a mean of 24 inches.


Don’t forget to begin growing your tarragon plant from cuttings generated from early spring or autumn.

If you are thinking about transferring your tarragon out, you would have to acclimate it into its environment. Transfer the plant outdoors for long intervals within the duration of 2 weeks.

Take notice that tarragon a part of the Asteraceae family. If you’re allergic to plants like daisy, marigold, or ragweed, you would have to contemplate growing tarragon on your house.

Harvesting and Storing

Tarragon grows quite quickly. You’re able to harvest its leaves frequently. For optimum flavor, harvest the leaves once they hit eight to ten inches in height. Tarragon is best used fresh throughout summer, approximately late July. Concerning storage, then you can elect to suspend the leaves or dried them. Take notice that if dried for a long time, the leaves lose their taste.

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