Easy Growing Chives Indoors | How to Grow Chives in Container

Growing Chives Indoors is simple. Doing so will provide you an option of a fresh year-round harvest of the herb.

Late summer into early autumn is a fantastic time for potting up chives to containers to grow indoors. Grow chives all year when the garden is under snow. Growing chives indoors make great feel so you could have them around the kitchen.

Scientific Name: Allium schoenoprasum  Common Name: Chives

Easy Tips Growing Chives indoor in container

How to Grow Chives Indoors

To grow chives, the very first thing required is that a south-facing spot that receives full sunlight for at least eight hours daily, ideally a bright windowsill. Like the majority of the plants located in herb gardens, chives gain from a lot of direct light, even though they can tolerate partial shade. In case a windowsill indoors is not appropriate, think about a window box that’s hung outside the window.

Requirements and Care Growing Chives Indoors

Common chives and Garlic chives would be the two most frequent species of chives it’s possible to grow indoors. As its name implies they disagree from the flavor with onion chives having gentle onion-like flavor and garlic chives with a garlic-like flavor.


An proper container for growing chives are going to be at least four inches deep and can be very broad. Unlike a lot of herbs, chives don’t have an extensive root system and can flourish in much more shallow containers compared to a number of other plants. The most crucial issue is to be certain the container has sufficient drainage, as too wet soil may cause plants to endure. A tray is going to be necessary under any indoor pot, to make sure that surfaces are protected from any overflow from watering.

They are well adapted to small sized containers, making growing chives indoors simpler. Any pot which range from 6-8 inches will perform the job. Chives succeed in just about any pot substance.

Potting Soil

A well-drained potting mixture is perfectly appropriate to growing chives indoors. It’s likely to generate a home-made soil utilizing a mix of peat moss, vermiculite, organic matter along with a bit of granular, time-released fertilizer, however the benefits of commercial potting soil are it is ready-to-go and clean to shop.


Any garden centre or garden part of a hardware store should have them. Otherwise, there are a great number of seed companies to purchase from online.

1 benefit of purchasing seeds on the internet is it is likely to discover organic seeds, which aren’t necessarily available on the shelves of retail outlets. Ensure the seeds are from the present year, as chive seeds have a tendency to reduce their viability fast. Leftover seeds must be stored in a cool, dry area away from sunlight and might be good for another year.

growing Chives Indoors


It will do best in full sunlight, so put it nearby south west or west-facing window for optimal growth. Do not fret if you do not have access to a south window because this herb does not mind living in partial color.

Any indoor spot that receives all day bright direct light and 4 hours of sunlight ought to be OK. It is a ideal windowsill herb! It is also possible to put it under grow light for about 12-14 hours every day.


It will grow in temperatures from 40° to 85°F.


When growing anything indoors continually be wise about watering Keep the soil slightly saturated but prevent keeping it soggy constantly as it pertains to root rot.


Follow the period of 2-3 weeks prior to every program. Throughout winters in cold climates, chives do not show any notable growth and don’t need feeding.

Harvesting & Storing

Leaves must be cut approximately two inches over the foundation and left before new growth is six or more inches . If common chives have been allowed to flower, the leaves may become contaminated subsequently.

Chives are best fresh, but may also be suspended. Dried chives have a few software, but they lose their color and flavor and are somewhat less desirable than their new counterparts.

Pests and Diseases

It is mainly resistant to pests and diseases. Root rot may affect it in case it stays in standing water for a long time. Squeeze the aphids with palms and spray water or insecticidal soap to eliminate spider mites.

Propagate Chives

It’s possible to grow it from the seeds , from a preexistent plant from division. Most gardeners choose to split the bulbs and plant them since it is a simpler and faster way to grow chives. Our advice is to purchase transplants from the nursery.

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