How to Care for Purple Waffle Plant? Hemigraphis Alternata

How to Care for Purple Waffle Plant Hemigraphis Alternata

The purple waffle plant, or red ivy (Hemigraphis Alternata), is a charming tiny houseplant with vibrant leaves like the purple waffle plant; it makes a lovely year-round addition to any home or place of business. The purple waffle plant is beautiful and simple to cultivate indoors. Naturalized from the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Small white

How to Grow and Care Verbena Plant?

How to Grow and Care Verbena Plant

The Verbena family includes the Verbena plant. More than 200 species belonging to this genus can only be found in subtropical and tropical latitudes in America. Flowers produced by the verbena plant are both visually and aromatically appealing, and the plant itself can withstand periods of drought. The fern-like foliage beneath the flowers is old-fashioned