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Money Tree in kitchen

25 Easy Houseplant Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

The kitchen might not be the very first place that springs to mind if you are thinking about bringing in a tiny greenery in...
Anthurium Flamingo FLowerPainter's Palette Anthurium Andreanum1

Anthurium Flamingo Flower Guides and Care | Painter’s Palette A. Andreanum

Anthurium Flamingo Flower is a beautiful flowering houseplant that is simple to develop (and enjoyable to get around). These beauties have large, glistening red/pink/purple...
Anthurium Flower indoor houseplant survive hard in winter

15 Easy Care and Hardy Houseplants That Will Survive the Winter

Throughout the autumn and winter , many houses become inhospitable surroundings for houseplants. Some chambers are drafty, the others are somewhat over-heated, the atmosphere...
pink houseplant Caladium Florida Sweetheart

28 Beautiful Pink Indoor Plant | Best Pink Houseplant

Beautiful cute pink houseplant can be used to decorate indoors and make you feel more at home. Make it your room decor by adding...
Indoor wall Vertical Garden

6 Plants Are Very Suitable for Indoor Wall Garden

There are many types of plants that can be used as vertical gardens, but not all of them are suitable for indoor gardens. With a...
6 Easy Ways Decorate Your Home with a Houseplant

5 Easy Ways Decorate Your Home with a Houseplant

Bored with home decorations and furniture in your home? You can make surefire steps in decorating your home by adding a houseplant. Plants bring life and...

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