Best Creative DIY Planter Box Ideas

Are you looking for a way to organize your potted plants or a place to put your new plants? From small to tall, hanging to tiered, bench planter box to address planter box, and more, here are some excellent and unusual DIY planter box ideas. You will be inspired to create your own planter boxes by the conclusion of this compilation. There are also some outstanding ideas, such as the wooden boxes hung from the fence and the DIY succulent wall holders. Continue reading for some fascinating ideas and tips on how to recreate them.

It’s simple to make a wooden planter box! Most of them are simple enough for a beginning woodworker to do in an afternoon.

Advantages of a Do-It-Yourself Wooden Planter Box

  1. It’s simple to construct!
  2. Make your place as big or little as you want it to be.
  3. Weeds are less prevalent.
  4. You may put them anywhere you wish – for decoration or for natural light!

1. Basic DIY Planter Box

Basic DIY Planter Box
Source: thegraymodernfarmhouse

This basic DIY planter box with a straightforward modern design is the first on our list. It’s ideal for front porches, decks, interiors, and giving structure to your backyard. They may be painted or stained in whatever color you like. This design is made using rot-resistant and cost-effective cedar fence pickets and does not require any special tools. The instructions for making one may be found here.

2. DIY Elevated Wooden Planter Box

DIY Elevated Wooden Planter Box

This project may appear to be difficult, but I guarantee you that it is not. It’s a simple raised wooden planter box that can handle up to 400 pounds, which should be plenty for moist soil and plants. Before you start construction, make sure you have the following items on hand: saw, chisel, drill + bits, screwdriver, staple gun, clamps, (1) 4×4 x 8′ cedar, (10) 1×6 x 8′ cedar, (4) 2×4 x 8′ cedar, 1-5/8″ deck screws (1 box), 3″ deck screws, landscape fabric, staples.

3. DIY Louvered Planter Boxes

DIY Louvered Planter Boxes

On any front porch, these cedar planter boxes will look great. The good news is that they’re easy to make in only a few hours. I recommend that you get the resources you’ll need to do this swiftly. (2) 2x2x8, (2) 1x4x8, (2) 1x2x8, 2′′ external wood screws, 2 12′′ exterior wood screws, Drill, Miter Saw, Exterior Grade Poly

4. DIY Pine Raised Planter Box

DIY Pine Raised Planter Box
Source: timberandtea

This raised planter box looks very trendy and elegant. It is simple to prepare and is divided into two stages. First, construct the wooden planter box, and then construct a stand for a raised appearance. This DIY planter box is a one-of-a-kind statement item that would look great in your yard or porch. For your convenience, I’ve included the entire instruction below.

5. Cedar Window Box Planter

Cedar Window Box Planter
Source: loweryhousetohome

A planter box may be used to quickly adorn your windows. Fill a long, rectangular wooden box with plants/flowers and connect it to the base of your window. This is a lovely addition to the front of your home. The box is composed of rot-resistant cedarwood that will endure a long period. This concept appears to be really cute and may be customized in any manner you choose. The instruction may be found here.

6. DIY Tiered Raised Vegetable Beds

DIY Tiered Raised Vegetable Beds

This is ideal for tiny yards with little room on the ground. The tiered planter not only provides plenty of room for your veggies to flourish, but it also looks fantastic!

7. DIY Modern Outdoor Planter Box


Don’t you like how the panels lend texture to the side of this planter?

8. DIY Oregon Planter Box

DIY Oregon Planter Box

This post will walk you through the process of making your planter step by step. Do you have any ideas what else would be interesting? The fact that your planter is made out of upcycled or recycled materials will lend life and discussion to any tabletop, desk, or garden wall. We’ll do some metal and woodcraft, as well as some tool work.

9. DIY Wood Planter Box Plans

DIY Wood Planter Box Plans

For people who don’t have access to huge raised bed gardens, live in leased flats, don’t have a yard, or simply want to freshen up their porches or window sills. This lovely wood planter box is ideal for you. It brings life to the plants and makes your front porch more welcoming.

10. DIY Vertical Garden Box

DIY Vertical Garden Box
Source: Houseful Of Handmade

If you want to make your garden, here is a great little space solution. This cedar-based vertical garden provides plenty of room to grow your favorite plants and herbs. It includes a built-in drip irrigation system that makes upkeep a breeze. It’s a lovely decorating item that will completely suit your gardening passion. Here’s how to make your own.

11. DIY Tall Outdoor Wooden Planter

DIY Tall Outdoor Wooden Planter
Source: Cherished Bliss

This project creates a 36-inch tall wooden planter that may be used to exhibit a large plant or even a small tree. The rustic and maritime atmosphere of the box is enhanced by the X-shaped rope added as a feature. The planter’s rough red surface is a wonderful match for the planted tree. It’s a darling artwork to display in your living room, by your front entrance, or in any other part of your house. The instruction may be found here.

12. Stepped DIY Planter Box

Stepped DIY Planter Box
Source: Home by Jenn

If you have a little area and a lot of flowers, this tiered cedar planter box is the perfect option. It’s a fantastic way to brighten up the outside of your house. The stepped pattern gives the item personality and elevates its appearance. You may also make this out of wood scraps because it’s a smaller effort. Now is the time to try out this lovely item.

13. DIY Vertical Planter Box

DIY Vertical Planter Box

This unique concept differs from the traditional horizontal planter box on the ground or the raised planter boxes. This is a vertical picture frame planter that contains a miniature succulent garden in a frame with plastic baffles to keep the dirt in place. Because succulents don’t require much water, you may water it using a spray bottle.

14. Easy Build A Planter Box On Wheels

Easy Build A Planter Box On Wheels

Purchasing a planter or garden box may appear to be a major undertaking because they are often costly and do not always come in the size you desire. So, to save money, build a DIY Planter Box on wheels that you can move whenever you want.

15. Creative DIY Combo Planter Box

Creative DIY Combo Planter Box

This dual-purpose planter and table is fantastic! It’s ideal for outside on the patio!

16. Textured DIY Planter Box

Textured DIY Planter Box
Source: Little Yellow Wheelbarrow

Wood shims are used to create a wonderful textured design on this DIY planter box. The flowers stand out brightly against the dark brown stain. It’s a simple craft done with leftovers that would look fantastic anyplace in the house, indoors or out. It may be customized to fit on window sills, front or back porches, garden tables, and other surfaces. Here are the steps to re-create it.

17. Planter Box with Holders

Planter Box with Holders
Source: thriftshoppingandhomeschooling

Another easy and lovely approach to build your DIY planter box using just scraps is to do it this way. The planter box is made of black stained wooden planks connected with a white wooden holder. This cubical planter box can accommodate any size or variety of tree or plant. It’s a fantastic way to spruce up your deck, porch, or any other part of your home’s exterior.

18. Hanging DIY Wooden Planter

Hanging DIY Wooden Planter

This is a great idea for a hanging DIY planter box to use for growing strawberries or other plants. This planter concept may also be used as a piece of wall décor for your front porch’s walls. Several dark brown wooden boxes are connected with a rope in this design. It has a wonderfully cute and rustic vibe to it and looks great against any color wall.



This DIY planter box is ideal if you want modern and clean lines. It’s also quite simple to construct!

20. DIY Address Planter Box

DIY Address Planter Box
Source: Tidy Mom

If you haven’t yet jumped on the address planter box bandwagon, you’re behind the times, and I’m here to help you catch up! Essentially, you’d make an address plaque with your phone number on it, then combine that with your own personal small house plant hanging right off of it. These are contemporary, offer your property a distinct look, and are the ideal porch decoration if you don’t want one of the larger planter boxes. Dear home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home, sweet home,

We hope you will be inspired to incorporate any or all of these lovely wooden DIY planter box ideas into the interiors or exteriors of your house. There are a variety of possibilities available to you, and a little carpentry work might result in some beautiful and exquisite planters.

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