28 Beautiful Pink Indoor Plant | Best Pink Houseplant

4. Callisia Repens Variegata

Callisia Repens Variegata pink houseplant

This plant has small leaves which vary from green with stripes to both pink and cream. It’s a low tracking plant that’s ideal for growing in small hanging baskets. It’s quite simple to care for along with also a fantastic starter plant.

5. Peperomia Pink Lady

Peperomia ‘Pink Lady’ pink houseplant

Pink Lady Peperomia. Irregular splashes of cream, green and pink weathered those textured, rippled leaves. Crazy and unpredictable about what the following leaf will appear to be.

The foliage color tends toward a chocolaty brown using all the very best pink and cream colors emerging as it’s going to blossom. Peperomias favor bright to medium light and the soil ought to be allowed to dry somewhat between watering.

6. Oxalis Plum Crazy

Oxalis 'Plum Crazy pink houseplant

This Oxalis hybrid is guaranteed to be a show stopper!! It’s distinguished with its striking pink purple clover-shaped leaves and yellowish flowers that blossom! Plum Crazy enjoys sunlight but will even tolerate shade. To maintain your oxalis looking healthful keep it at a well-draining pot and make sure it stays moist!

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