25 Easy Houseplant Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

Money Tree

Money Tree in kitchen

Our money tree (also called a water chestnut) has endured dryness, a flat transfer, along with a lively kitten ripping off one of its most significant branches. The trunk is a fantastic component and it sprouts lots of leaves each season; we bought a brand new miniature one as a companion because they’re pet-friendly too.

White Jasmine

White Jasmine in kitchen

The soft jasmine scent that’s discharged from the blooms of the plant can help to keep your kitchen smelling fresh and nice. The scent is delicate enough that it will not overwhelm the kitchen however can still keep your space feel refreshed and clean

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea Peperomioides in kitchen

Pilea peperomioides require a lot of bright, indirect light to flourish, so think about adding you to your smartest kitchen windowsill. Keep a watch out for its leaves; should you detect them curling, then that is a indication your pilea is not getting sufficient light and has to be moved nearer to the window to a brighter spot.

String of Pearls

String of Pearls in kitchen

This cute, tasteful houseplant combines the best features of a dangling plant along with a succulent in a single. Its long, slender stalks develop long strands of sweet “rings” in a beautiful green color –as long as it is joyful, the plant’s strings will continue growing and developing all of the way into the floor if you allow them.

Wandering Jew Plant

Wandering Jew Plant in kitchen

Tradescantia zebrina specifically creates a striking addition to your kitchen plant set, since its leaves are striped with vibrant purple and silver; Tradescantia padilla ‘Purple Heart’ attributes slim, deep-purple leaves and stalks, with little lilac-colored blossoms. Display yours in a spot close to a kitchen window which gets good bright, indirect light. Wandering Jew plants are fantastic candidates for hanging baskets also.

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