25 Easy Houseplant Will Thrive in Your Kitchen

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig in kitchen

In case you’re looking for a plant which could grow in the space, the fiddle leaf fig is a sure bet. Water it every a couple of weeks and then watch it take upwards leaf by giant leaf. Ours came at about three feet and after two years it’s well above six feet .

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant in kitchen

The ZZ is your trustworthy trooper of indoor plants. My ZZ plant has lived the transfer between 3 New York flats, from direct light to light to bright direct sunlight. Additionally, it filters formaldehyde from the air and may increase to full size from a small stem or 2.


faux orbifolia Calathea in kitchen

Calathea is just one of the most diverse and lovely indoor plants, with leaves which range from around to snakelike and variegated patterns such as pinstripe, rattlesnake, along with”beauty celebrity.” They need low to moderate light and therefore are additionally famously weatherproof and low-maintenance.


Monstera in kitchen

The leaves which you have seen in virtually every plant publish nowadays, a monstera is known as the”Swiss cheese plant” because of its trademark deep leaves. Keep this plant from the sunlight if at all possible, water every a couple of weeks, and maintain a tropical vibe moving on your dining and kitchen area.

Anthurium ( Flamingo Flower)

Anthurium in kitchen

It enjoys bright blue light and a tiny humidity to remain happy yearlong. Avoid pruning any leaves to help keep it growing and prospering.

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