25 Easy Houseplant Will Thrive in Your Kitchen


cacti cactus in kitchen

While every wide range of cacti differs, many do nicely without a lot of watering and favor a cactus soil mixture that is well-draining. Make sure you present your cacti lots of light, also.


air plant in the kitchen

Whether you set them into macrame hammocks, even in geometric hangers, or put them on stones, air plants are simple to maneuver and keep without taking up any space in any respect. A light misting of water along with the occasional complete dunk is exactly what they will need to endure. These plants pull nutrients in the air, thus the title, and do not have to be planted or potted, however do enjoy decent lighting.


pothos in the kitchen

Pothos are perfect houseplants, such as for on your kitchen since they don’t demand much sunlight and contains hardly any needs.

Pothos plants may endure in soil and only in plain water. Pothos also favor low lighting, maybe not as bright or direct sunlight.


Peace Lily in kitchen

Peace lily help purify the air and owing to its blooms result in a fairly plant to get in your own kitchen. Peace lilies aren’t pet-friendly and it is likely best to avoid them if you’ve got a cat or dog. They do best at reduced lighting and may tolerate a deficiency of water greater than overwatering.


wheat grass in kitchen

Does wheatgrass seem pretty adorable, but it is ideal for juicing or placing to smoothies, but making it yet another fantastic culinary choice apart from your standard herbs. Wheatgrass has to be trimmed if it has to become so inches tall.

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