16 Beautiful Syngonium (Arrowhead Plant) | Most Wanted Houseplant

This time we will discuss the Syngonium (Syngonium podophyllum) or arrowhead plant.

Syngonium is one of the ornamental plants that are trending today, this plant is in great demand because of its various leaf patterns.

Syngonium comes from the tropical rain forests of the continental American continent. This plant grows by means of vines.

1. Syngonium Moonshine

Syngonium Moonshine

This variant has a very beautiful white leaf color. Young leaves are slightly greenish in color while the older they are the whiter they are.

2. Syngonium Mojito

Syngonium Mojito

Syngonium Mojito’s leaf color is a unique combination of dark green, light green as well as cream and white. When the leaves are young, the color tends to be light green, the darker the color combination will be.

3. Syngonium Godzilla

Syngonium Godzilla

has a characteristic leaf edge that rolls inward. This Syngonium color is based on green with white in the middle of the leaf.

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