14 Best House Plants for Dark Rooms | Low Lights

These would be the most effective low light/dark indoor plants! In the event you want to brighten a dark corner add a little life into a cellar, among these stunning low light plants are guaranteed to perform the trick. Here is which plants flourish without beams, and also the best way to care for them.

Adding plants into the house is my favourite means to bring just a tiny elevator to any area. Having plants round makes all feel lighter, brighter, more and much more alive.

Best and Easy Care House Plants for Dark/Low Light Rooms

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant best dark low light room

Zamioculas Zamiifolia. Does this houseplant grow in low-light regions of the house, but it’s also quite low maintenance and could be left alone without care whatsoever for long intervals, and that means that you may go on holiday and not be worried about coming home to a dead plant. Its shiny, vivid green leaves include a pleasant pop of color for some dark space.

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Dracaena Surculosa

Dracaeua Surculosa best low light dark room

If you are following a significant plant that brings attention but does not need appropriate maintenance, here is your man. They do not like direct sunlight that way so that the corner of the bedroom is ideal.

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Peace Lily

Peace Lily best low light dark room

These fairly houseplants have lush, dark green leaves and delicate white flowers, however also to being beautiful, they do an outstanding job of cleansing the air and keeping it beneficial to all of us. Peace lilies succeed in dark or sunny locations, so don’t hesitate to put these around your house if you prefer!

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