12 Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors

Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors

Succulents are well-known for their capacity to retain water in arid regions and soil conditions. Succulents are popular as attractive plants and are categorised as either high light or low light. They are known for their fleshy, engorged, and thickened sections.

Even with indirect morning or afternoon sunlight, low-light succulents thrive. In comparison to high-light succulents, which exhibit hints of reds, purples, and pinks, they have deeper green leaves. They have lovely forms and textures and are more aloe-like than flower-like. They only require three or four hours of sunlight each day, compared to high-light succulents, and may flourish even in places with no natural light.

However, no succulent can thrive in total light. So, if you live in a basement apartment with only a north-facing window or no windows at all, consider investing in a tiny tabletop grow light for your succulent plants, even if they are low-light succulent variety. When a modest grow light is placed over low-light succulents for 6 to 8 hours every day, you’ll be shocked at how well they do. You won’t have to remember to switch the lights on and off every day if you use a reliable timer.

Now that you know how much light low-light succulents require, let me show you some of the best succulents for low-light environments.


12 Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors ALOE VERA

Aloe vera is one of the most low-maintenance indoor plants. They don’t require much light or water, and as a result, they’re a popular choice among many. Additionally, having an aloe plant on hand is beneficial in the event of a sunburn or to cure stomach or skin disorders.

Panda Plant

Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors Panda Plant

Kalanchoe tomentosa is a kind of Kalanchoe. The velvety fuzz on the leaves of these low-light succulents makes stroking them enticing to both youngsters and adults. Panda plants are a very simple succulent to grow, reaching a height of around 18 inches and a little smaller spread. Because the stems are thick, they will elongate more in reduced light than in higher light. I chop mine back by half a couple times a year to maintain a bushier growing pattern. The leaves are gray-green in color, with brown highlights near the tips.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors GASTERIA

These plants have long, thick, grooved leaves that can withstand low light. They like sunny, hot environments, especially those with indirect light, and require minimal water and fertilizer to grow. These plants demand sandy, well-drained soil if planted in the ground, but they also perform well in pots and are popular as interior plants or houseplants.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors HAWORTHIA

The haworthia succulent, which is also endemic to South Africa, is made up of a variety of tiny succulents that survive in low light. They look a lot like aloe vera and are frequently mistaken for it. This species can have a wide range of leaf colors and textures, ranging from brilliant, dense leaves to softer, transparent leaves.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors ECHEVERIAS

These beautifully attractive succulents are well-known for their rosettes and delicate characteristics, and they’re native to South America. The plant itself can be quite little or grow up to 8 inches broad, and the rosettes can vary in form, size, and color. The leaves can also range in thickness from thin to thick, as well as form and color. Echeverias thrive in low light, but they also enjoy a little sun. If you keep them in low light, don’t overwater them because root rot is a risk.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors STRING OF PEARLS

Senecio/Curio rowleyanus is a species of Senecio/Curio rowleyanus. String of pearls, like its near cousins string of bananas (Senecio radicans) and string of tears (Senecio citriformis), is a great low-light hanging succulent. The leaves grow on delicate hanging stems that flow down the sides of hanging pots, resembling small green bubbles.

Alternatively, grow them in a bright pot and set them on a bookshelf or plant stand so they may trail down to the ground. Their succulent nature necessitates little watering, and while they thrive in bright light, they also make a fantastic low-light houseplant.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors RHIPSALIS

This cactus is unique among succulents, as it is native to the rain forests of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. This is due to the fact that the rhipsalis is an epiphyte, or a plant that grows on top of another plant. Succulents, on the other hand, typically grow in desert-like habitats and require dry, arid temperatures, whereas they grow in rain forests.

These beautiful plants thrive in low light, but they also require frequent watering to simulate their rain forest environment.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors SCHLUMBERGERA

Holiday cacti, also known as Schlumbergera, are given names such as Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving based on their flowering season. This is a cacti genus with other species, and its stem mimics the shape of cacti that are united one to the other, with flower blossoms at the tip.

This plant’s flowers are a lovely mix of red, pink, and white. This plant can easily keep its form in indirect sunlight or low light, making it an ideal accent to your living room table.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors KALANCHOE

Madagascar natives, these low-light succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tiny shrubs are the most popular kalanchoe succulents. They’re low to grow and maintain, and they may thrive in low light or indirect light.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors HOYA

Hoya plants are popular indoor plants with pleasantly fragrant blooms and waxy leaves. They have thick, almost heart-shaped leaves that grow nicely in hanging baskets and pots. While most species are succulents, there are a few that aren’t.

These plants grow in low light or partial shade and do not require direct sunlight, but they do require protection from frost and extreme heat.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors SNAKE PLANT

The snake plant is the most popular succulent among gardeners because it is incredibly flexible; it can be kept in any space and thrives well in low light. Because of its ability to purify the air, this plant may be considered a best-grown indoor plant.

Sansevieria trifasciata, or mother-in-tongue, law’s is one of the many names for the snake plant.


Best Succulents You Can Grow Low Light Indoors PONYTAIL PALM TREE

The ponytail palm tree is a low and tropical addition to any home, and it requires very little upkeep. Despite its name, the ponytail palm tree is a succulent from the Agave family, not a palm tree. Give them quick-draining soil and don’t overwater them, and they’ll thrive for years.

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