10 Creative DIY Indoor Vertical Garden


4. TV Stand Vertical Garden

TV Stand Vertical Garden indoor

Got an older TV Stand? Create a vertical indoor garden from it. This is a good way to recycle your old TV stand and change it to a dwelling beauty. You can either paint it to get a new look or use it because it’s for a rustic appearance.

5. Mason Jar Vertical Garden

Mason Jar Vertical Garden

Do not throw away those old mason jars, use them to create a indoor herb wall garden. Metal screws and bands hold the jars set up from a scrap piece of timber that’s mounted onto the wall. Fill from the soil and plant your favourite herbs to use them all year round.

6. Hanging Terracotta Vertical Garden

Hanging Terracotta Vertical Garden

A DIY hanging planter is a wonderful way to add some greenery into your residence without using any bodily space. Have a rope, a couple of square terracotta pots, along with a brass snap hook. Take four ropes and then fold them in half. Twist the midpoint of the rope through the snap hook and fold it over. Pull it and be certain that you’ve got an even quantity of rope on either side.

Now hang on the rope from the ceiling. Have a terracotta pot and then pass the rope through the drainage holes on either side. Repeat the measure with other terracotta pots. As soon as you’ve looped throughout the previous pot, collect the rope and knot it in the base. The hanging terracotta vertical garden is prepared in which you can grow your favorite plants & flowers.

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